Second Grade Curriculum Guide    

                   Building a strong foundation for future success

Highlights of the second grade program include:


  • Advanced studies of the following concepts: place value, multiplication, division, telling time, money, decimals, fractions, geometry, graphing and measurement
  • Emphasis on developing problem solving skills using a variety of methods and strategies
  • Ongoing assessment includes individual practice and tests  

English Language Arts _________________________________________

  • Reading: phonics instruction and literature study using Lippincott, Reading Street anthology series and chapter books 
  • Emphasis on reading short stories to develop strong comprehension and summarizing skills
  • Writing includes: rules of grammar, story mapping, creative writing and formal paragraphs
  • D'Nealian writing is mastered
  • Introduction of cursive handwriting with a focus on slant and legibility 

Social Studies_________________________________________________

  • An interactive social studies curriculum explores the importance of family and people who have shaped our communities 
  • Map skills and geography are highlighted throughout each unit 


  • Hands-on science lab program allows students the opportunity to use the scientific method and inquiry to investigate the world
  • Curriculum explores how living things grow and change, the Earth, space and weather
  • Emphasis on in-depth understanding through reading, vocabulary and assessment 


Study Skills__________________________________________________  
  • Priority placed on time management, personal responsibility and organizational skills
  • Prioritization and organization of schoolwork with the introduction of a planner
  • Through independent and cooperative learning activities, students continue to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills 

Public Speaking_______________________________________________  

  • Confident communication skills are further developed through the presentation of class work, book reports and creative projects 


  • Integrated throughout the curriculum, art provides students a way to express their ideas through a variety of mediums
  • Our Parents’ Club sponsors Art in Action, a study of fine art 


  • Weekly music classes include songs and rhythm instruments as a way to develop a sense of music style. 
  • All students participate in our December Holiday Show and the annual Spring Sing 


  • Mastery of the following skills by the end of the year: opening and closing files, saving student work
  • Software and application include: iWorks, Garage Band, Mavis Beacon Typing, Education City, BrainPop and HyperStudio 5
  • Continued practice of keyboarding skills
  • Online sites and other software are used to support projects and enhance areas of study 

Physical Education______________________________________________

  • Develop large motor skills through individual and group activities in a fun and accepting environment while promoting physical fitness and good sportsmanship
  • SPARK PE program is designed to be inclusive, active and fun
  • Teamwork and positive play is encouraged 


  • Review the prior year’s vocabulary while working on ease of conversation and writing of new common phrases
  • Exposure to the culture of Spanish speaking countries through activities, games, music and expanded vocabulary for family, holidays, rooms in a school, weather, feelings and clothing